Dublin has been named the most vegan friendly city in the world

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Dublin has been named the most vegan friendly city in the world by a leading travel agency – however, there is still room for improvement in terms of quality.

UK firm Hayes and Jarvis underwent the daunting challenge of studying data from TripAdvisor that relates to local eateries in the 50 most visited cities in the world.

They were looking at the number of restaurants and cafes that offer customers a vegan friendly option.

vegan meal

They found that just over a fifth (21.2%) of restaurants in Dublin provide options for their vegan clientele.

Hayes and Jarvis said: “Dublin just might be the vegan capital of the cuisine world. Over a fifth (21.2%) of the city’s restaurants are classified as vegan-friendly, which is more than any other city.”

Most of the top 10 cities were in Europe with Amsterdam, London, Venice, Florence and Athens also full of vegan friendly restaurants.

Top ten vegan friendly cities in the world

1 – Dublin, Ireland (21.2%)
2 – Phuket, Thailand (20.1%)
3 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (19.8%)
4 – London, United Kingdom (19%)
5 – Venice, Italy (18.6%)
6 – Florence, Italy (18.4%)
7 – Orlando, USA (17.3%)
8 – Athens, Greece (17.2%)
9 – New York City, USA (16.4%)
10 – Johannesburg, South Africa (15.5%)

However, while Dublin had the highest proportion of vegan friendly restaurants, it failed to break into the top ten for quality of vegan cuisine.

This time the list was dominated by Asian cities, with Shenzhen, Macau, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City all reaching the top ten.

Top ten cities for high quality vegan meals

1 – Shenzhen, China (91.2% of vegan restaurants have been rated 4.5 stars or above)
2 – Cancun, Mexico (85.2%)
3 – Macau, China (82%)
4 – Guangzhou, China (73.5%)
5 – Phuket, Thailand (70.1%)
6 – Prague, Czech Republic (69.7%)
7 – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (69.1%)
8 – Los Angeles, USA (64.7%) website.
9 – Istanbul, Turkey (64.6%)
10 – Athens, Greece (62.1%)

For more information visit Hayes and Jarvis website.

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