Dublin named as one of the sexiest cities in the world

Dublin named as one of the sexiest cities in the world

Travel website Big 7 has compiled a list of the ‘sexiest’ cities in the world and Ireland has an entry in the top 10 with Dublin.

The capital on Ireland was named as the 8th sexiest city in the world, above iconic cities such as Los Angeles, Madrid and Rome.

Dublin named as one of the sexiest cities in the world

The list was formulated using several factors, including sexual activity levels, the quality and quantity of romantic hotels and restaurants, the vibrancy of the nightlife and the general reputation of the city.

The Irish accent frequently appears in the top of surveys regarding the sexiest accents in the world, so it is not a big surprise to see the capital appear so high on the list of sexiest cities.

It is also famously welcoming for visitors and has a vast choice of romantic places to visit and eat.

The number one city on the list was Miami, and Paris – the city of love – was named second.

The top ten was made up of Denver, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Zurich, Cap d’Agde, Dublin, Liverpool and Los Angeles.

Here is the complete top 50 sexiest cities in the world according to Big 7.

50. Dongguan, China
49. Bristol, UK
48.Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
47. Budapest, Hungary
46. Taipei, Taiwan
45. Agra, India
44. Mexico City, Mexico
43. Carlisle, UK
42. Portland, Oregon, USA
41. Vancouver, Canada
40. Athens, Greece
39. Medellin, Colombia
38. Madrid, Spain
37. Chiang Mai, Thailand
36. Dubai, UAE
35. Leeds, UK
34. Austin, Texas, USA
33. Tokyo, Japan
32. Bali, Indonesia
31. Glasgow, UK
30. Sao Paulo, Brazil
29. Nashville, Tennessee, USA
28. Brisbane, Australia
27. Havana, Cuba
26. Auckland, New Zealand
25. Cambridge, UK
24. Manchester, UK
23. Reykjavik, Iceland
22. Brussels, Belgium
21. Moscow, Russia
20. Rome, Italy
19. Toronto, Canada
18. Amsterdam, Netherlands
17. Ibiza, Spain
16. Seattle, Washington, USA
15. Buenos Aires, Argentina
14. New York City, New York, USA
13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
12. Berlin, Germany
11. Melbourne, Australia
10. Los Angeles, California, USA
9. Liverpool, UK
8. Dublin, Ireland
7. Cap d’Agde, France
6. Zurich, Switzerland
5. Cape Town, South Africa
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Denver, Colorado, USA
2. Paris, France
1. Miami, Florida, USA

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