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Dublin pianist wows onlookers at Connolly station

A woman delighted onlookers at Connolly station when she sat down at a new piano to ‘have a go’.

The piano had been added near the entrance to the station last month to help passengers to enjoy their commute a little more.

Any member of the public who is passing by is welcome to sit down and tinker on the keys.

Dublin pianist brightens up commuters' days at Connolly Station

One person to make the most of the opportunity was Carrick-on-Shannon woman, Mary Deignan.

She sat down and played a beautiful piece of music before rushing off to catch her train.

Her performance was caught on film by an onlooker and has struck a chord with the Irish media, featuring in several national news outlets.

It was a good bit of practice for Mary who will be performing at a wedding later in the week.

The piano in Connolly Station has been decorated with beautiful artwork created by artist Holly Pereira.

Pereira’s images represent both the lives of the thousands of people that pass through the station each day and the history of the building.

Take a look at the video below

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