Dublin firm produces Game of Thrones swords

Promotional photo for Game of Thrones

The global success of American TV series Game of Thrones is providing a boost to a Dublin-based bronze casting company, as they produce many of the swords used in the show.

Promotional photo for Game of Thrones
The producers of the show approached Dublin firm, The Bronze Art Fine Art Foundry, after seeing their handiwork in the Clive Owen 2004 movie, King Arthur.
“They saw the work that we did and were pleased with it. And thankfully they’ve kept coming back,” said managing director David O’Brien. Many of the staff are huge fans of the show, and rightly proud to see their craftsmanship at work, as the impressive swords are wielded by the likes of Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister in battle.

The swords are specially created for the show, by making bronze casts of the intricate handles, before welding on authentic damascus steel blades. Each sword costs several thousands of dollars to produce.

Game of Thrones has been commissioned for a further two seasons by makers HBO, after it’s proved to be a smash hit around the world and developed a cult following. The waiting was finally over for fans as last week, when the first episode of Season Four was broadcast around the world.

The fantasy drama is filmed in Belfast and has injected an estimated €24m a year into the Northern Irish economy since it was first broadcast.

It has also given Irish actors Aidan Gillen, Liam Cunningham, Michael McElhatton, Ciaran Hinds and Jack Gleeson the platform to showcase their skills to the world.