Drone-cam offers birdseye view of Easter Rising sites

Drone cam offers birdseye view of Easter Rising sites

There have been countless events throughout 2016 to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising.
One video produced by ProDrone takes a birdseye view of some of the major locations of the Rising, with footage of the sites from both 1916 and the modern day.Drone cam offers birdseye view of Easter Rising sites
Some of the sites included are Kilmainham Gaol, the site where Patrick Pearse and the other leaders who signed the Proclamation were executed.
The General Post Office is the most iconic location of the Rising. It was there that the rebels seized control and read out the Proclamation, declaring Ireland and independent republic.
The video contains footage of the fighting during the Rising, and flicks between images from 1916 to modern-day, offering a poignant reminder that the rebels sacrificed their lives in order for Ireland to become the cosmopolitan and diverse country it is today.
Take a look at the video for yourself.

The short film has been released ahead of a three-day exhibition in Dublin where some of the leading manufacturers and filmmakers will be showcasing their latest work.
The emergence of drone-cameras in the past few years has opened up opportunities for film makers to create completely new types of videos.
The incredible versatility and accuracy of the drones also has practical and vital uses. The exhibition will be attended by both the Irish Military and the Dublin Fire Brigade who will be showing their newest unmanned equipment.