Donald Trump ‘rants at Irish presenter over hair question’

Irish radio presenter Sean O’Rourke found himself on the wrong end of an angry tirade from Donald Trump, according to onlookers.

Donald Trump photo copyright David Shankbone cc3
Donald Trump

O’Rourke had been asking the American business tycoon awkward questions about his hair and famous quiff. It wasn’t what Trump had in mind when he agreed to an interview.
He was in Ireland to oversee the acquisition of the Doonbeg golf resort in Co Clare and was expecting to speak to O’Rourke about how he planned to turn it into a worldwide attraction.
However, the cheeky presenter was far more interested in the billionaire’s hair and made several references to it live on air.
Trump kept his composure while the show was ongoing and said that he no longer worried about people accusing him of wearing a toupee.
However, according to insiders, it was a different story when the show ended. O’Rourke and his team were having a photo outside the Doonbeg and asked Trump to join them.
Onlookers said Trump’s mood changed and he delivered an angry rant to the presenter. An insider told the Irish Independent: “He just marched over with about 10 people from his entourage and started giving out in front of everybody.
“He began demanding to know why Sean felt it necessary to ask about his hair – he was livid, so it’s clearly a very sensitive subject for him.
“He said, Sean, do you think that was an appropriate question?’, and all Sean could do was say, Yes, of course – there is no such thing as a bad question’.
“A lot of people started looking around at that point feeling awkward, and then Donald shouted, I thought you were a nice man’, before stomping off towards a helicopter. It was a really bizarre incident.”
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