Donal Skehan announces guest judging role on Sugar Rush

Donal Skehan announces guest judging role on Sugar Rush

Irish TV chef Donal Skehan has landed a role as a guest judge on Netflix cooking show Sugar Rush.

The popular Dubliner announced his latest job on his Instagram account and is thrilled to get started.

Donal Skehan announces guest judging role on Sugar Rush

Skehan posted a picture of him posing alongside the show’s host Hunter March, and fellow judges, Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo.

Sugar Rush is a cooking competition which sees teams of bakers and chefs compete against each other and the clock to create the most attractive and tasty dish.

The team considered to be the best by the show’s judges walk away with a $10,000 prize.

It has proven to be a big hit for the streaming giant, with millions of viewers following the first two seasons.

Skehan is delighted to have been invited to guest judge on the third season, which will be centred around Christmas treats.

He wrote: “HELLO NETFLIX! Very excited to let you know that I’ll be joining this lovely crew on Netflix’s Sugar Rush as a guest judge on the new season streaming from this Friday! Great fun filming with Candace Nelson, Hunter March and Adriano Zumbo for some festive baking!”

The appearance on Sugar Rush will only boost Skehan’s profile and popularity further.

After a brief career as a member of a boyband in his early career, Skehan has become a regular presenter and writer about food.

He is a much loved personality in both Ireland and the US, where he now lives with his wife and baby.

Take a look at the Netflix trailer for Sugar Rush below.

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