Don’t know how to please all your wedding guests? Pizza anyone?

Don’t know how to please all your wedding guests? Pizza anyone?

A new unexpected catering trend is sweeping through wedding parties and receptions in Ireland – Domino’s Pizzas.

Apparently, more and more newlyweds are choosing the popular takeaway food to feed their guests instead of the more traditional sit-down meal.

Don’t know how to please all your wedding guests? Pizza anyone?

Wedding expert Laura Cunningham explained that in the modern world of food trends, takeaway pizzas can solve a lot of issues for couples when deciding what to feed their guests.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, she said: “People are looking for different ways to celebrate this momentous occasion and I see a lot of couples leaning towards a less formal meal or replacing the late-evening feast with food that guests really want.

“Couples also have to take into account new food trends and dietary requirements when organising food for their guests.

“Domino’s delivers something for everyone; omnivores, carnivores, vegetarians, as well as gluten free pizzas and a lower calorie options.”

The global pizza chain has capitalised on the trend by running a competition in which 10 lucky couples will have their entire wedding party catered for with pizzas for free.

Domino’s spokesman Ian Straughan said: “We’re seeing a growing trend in Ireland from couples requesting pizza to provide wedding guests with a fun, modern twist.

“With wedding season in full swing, we were surprised to learn that almost a third of wedding guests (29%) don’t like the traditional food they’re served.

“Nearly half (47%) even admit they tend to avoid at least one course, leaving them hungry for an alternative to soggy sandwiches and dehydrated chicken nuggets later in the evening.

“Choice and experience are key to catering for large groups and Domino’s delivers fresh, great quality, hot food ensuring everyone will be happy, whether it’s a Cheeseburger pizza, a Vegi Supreme or a Delight Pizza with only 650 calories.”

If you would like to find out more about the Domino’s competition then email [email protected].

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