Animal rights groups pressure Chinese government to protect innocent dogs from horror deaths

Animal rights groups pressure Chinese government to protect innocent dogs from horror deaths

The horrendous treatment of dogs in China has come under scrutiny with animal rights groups demanding action be taken to prevent any further cruelty.
Currently, around 10 million dogs are killed for meat every year in China, and it is believed that many of these animals are originally from Ireland.
Animal rights groups pressure Chinese government to protect innocent dogs from horror deaths
It is the barbaric way these dogs are being slaughtered in China that has caused outrage amongst animal rights campaigners.
The video below, published by the Irish Mirror, contains content many viewers will find upsetting.

The video clearly shows the dog being lowered into a tub of scalding water and boiled alive.
Animal rights campaigner Michele Brown said: “This animal died the worst death imaginable.
“You can see raw fear in the dog’s eyes as its carried towards the boiling water.
“As they drop the dog into the water it screams for help, skin burning and blistering. It flails around so much, two strong men have to hold on to the lid.
Unfortunately, this scene is commonplace in China, where unlike Ireland and many other countries, there is no animal cruelty laws to govern what is acceptable.
There is seemingly a cultural difference to the west in attitudes towards animals. At Chinese zoos it is common for crowds to gather to see a live animal such as cows, goats and chickens, being fed to lions and tigers.
In China, dog meat is considered a delicacy. What is most disturbing, is that the sellers can get a higher price for the meat when it is more tender, which it is when the flesh is full of adrenaline.
This means the dogs are being killed in terribly cruel ways, often beaten or boiled to death in order to terrify the animal into releasing adrenaline into its body.
Brown added: “They say pain at death makes the meat better quality and tougher. It is also seen as a boost to the male libido.
“I have had it said to my face ‘when men eat tough meat, it makes them tough’.
“In the video there were a number of spectators laughing and I find that quite disturbing.”
It is believed that many of the greyhounds that suffer this terrible treatment in China are originally from Ireland, many of them retired or failed racing greyhounds.
Rita James, from pressure group Caged NW, said: “The evidence shows Irish greyhounds are ending up there and we believe without the right legislation British dogs could also be sent.
“There is currently no protection for greyhounds that are bred for the racing industry, and no traceability for dogs that are no longer registered to race, or do not make the grade.
“This means they can go off the radar to be destroyed in the most horrific ways.
“The racing industry should be responsible for all greyhounds bred for racing, from cradle to grave.”
A spokesman for the Irish Greyhound Board said: “The IGB has no control of events outside the jurisdiction of Ireland the IGB emphatically does not support the export of greyhounds to destinations where the standard of care for greyhounds falls below that required.
“The Irish Greyhound Board is not aware of any recent exports of Irish greyhounds to Macau or China.”

Written by Andrew Moore