Did Celtic Tiger Years 'make us better looking'


The wave of immigration into Ireland sparked by the Celtic Tiger years has resulted in a taller, better looking nation of people according to an Irish politician.
Olivia Mitchell, TD for South Dublin, made the comment while debating the new requirement for birth certificates to include the father’s name.
The Fine Gael TD explained: “I think as an island country cut off from the rest of Europe, it’s a good thing that we have a certain amount of immigration. Mobility of races is a good thing.
“You can even see the better-looking and taller children now as a result of the Celtic Tiger years.”
She went on to add that, as an island nation, it was good to have foreign influxes from time to time in order to “expand our gene pool”.
The economic boom from the 1990s into the 2000s became known as the Celtic Tiger years. During this time, thousands of foreign workers moved to Ireland for jobs. Many settled and started families, and expanded the country’s gene pool, as Mitchell said.
But has it resulted in a “better-looking” generation?
Siva Kaneswaran would be a fine example of a good looking child of the Celtic Tiger years. His mother is Irish and his father is a Sri Lankan who was working in Ireland during the late 1980s. The mixture of Irish and Sri Lankan genes have certainly done Siva no harm. He was signed by a modelling agency at 16, and went on to become a member of the chart-topping boyband The Wanted.
However, Ireland has been producing hunks and beauties for centuries, not just since the 1980s. Flame-haired Maureen O’Hara is one of the iconic leading ladies of Hollywood and Pierce Brosnan’s rugged features were enough to land him the role of suave British secret agent James Bond.
In fact, Brosnan once said he had maintained his youthful appearance as he got older because of his ‘good Irish genes’.
Brosnan credits ‘good Irish genes’ for youthful looks