Derry Girls actress would love a spin-off series featuring the ‘auld ones’

Derry Girls actress would love a spin-off series featuring the ‘auld ones’

Derry Girls star Tara Lynne O’Neill has said that she would be delighted to be part of a spin-off show featuring the older characters.

Fans of the show will know that although the plotlines centre mainly around the five youngsters and their high jinx, much of the comedy comes from the supporting elder characters.

Derry Girls actress would love a spin-off series featuring the ‘auld ones’

O’Neill, who plays classic Irish mam Ma in the show, has delivered plenty of memorable moments in the first two series.

Who can forget Ma Mary leading her daughter on that she had a trust fund that would magically pay for her expensive school skiing trip.

“Dip into you trust fund? Of course, no bother at all, pass us the phone I just need to ring the bank.

“7 6 5 4 3 2 1, that’s the account number and the password, what is it again? CATCH YOURSELF ON!”

The other senior members of the family such as Da Gerry, Granda Joe and Aunt Sarah also offer some great comic moments.

That is aswell as scene-stealing gems Sister Michael and Uncle Colm.

O’Neill was speaking to ahead of the ‘Embrace a Giant Spirit’ event which celebrated the life and work of Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney.

She said: “I was trying to get Lisa to do a spin-off called ‘Derry Auld Ones.’ Obviously, the younger characters will all go off to university and all the auld ones are left back home. That’s when we have our fun! Just Ma Mary, Granda Joe, Gerry, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Colm, just sitting there, having tea and watching London’s Burning!”

She added that although the family scenes in the series are often littered with arguments and fallouts, the actors themselves are a close-knit unit.

O’Neill said: “There’s a beautiful moment in Season 1 where Ian’s character is sitting in this chair and watching TV. He had baby Anna in his arms. Obviously, she’s just a little baby, so she doesn’t act on cue. She was getting a bit restless.

“We were filming this shot of Ian just watching the TV and all the cast and crew are standing behind the camera. Ian just turned to the baby and said ‘Don’t worry my dear, you’ve got the whole world behind you.’ I tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crew. Myself and Louisa were welling up and because it’s on camera, we’re hoping to give it to baby Anna whenever she’s grown up. That’s not even a line in the show, it’s just him trying to settle the child.”

Fans of Derry Girls will be delighted to know that filming on a third series is due to begin later this year, and once the girls (and James) are all grown up then maybe there might be room for a Derry Auld Ones spin-off.

You never know.

Here is a YouTube video featuring some of Ma Mary’s best moments from the show.


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