Dating website says Irishmen are still the ugliest in the world

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Niamh St John says:

    I can’t believe that Irish men were voted least handsome.
    We are from Galway and my father ,god rest him, was the most handsome man with Hollywood looks.
    My son is equally georgus and talented,check him out on ‘you tube’ he is a singer, musician and songwriter. He is also a part time model and tv extra. His name is Seamus Patrick St John.

    Thank you
    Niamh St John

  2. Marie Ryan says:

    This is so wrong because I have been to Dublin for my nieces’wedding back in 2013 and all the guys that I met were gorgeous especially the guy that sung at her wedding. And also I have a respect and admiration for a comedy trio from Ireland called Foil Arms and Hog. I spoke to Foil after the show and not only was he very handsome, he was really friendly and asked me did I enjoy the show. So these dating sites(which are probably American) have got it all wrong!

  3. Mary lindsay says:

    that is because they are honest no fake bullshit but people do not want honest

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