Dating website says Irishmen are still the ugliest in the world

Irishmen have been voted the least attractive in the world by members of a dating website but what about Irish women?

Dating website have released their figures from the past year – and they will make painful reading for Irishmen.

The site have announced that men from Ireland are the ugliest in the world.
Beautiful People is a site that only allows new members to join if they are approved by a high enough percentage of existing members.
Irishmen have been voted the least attractive in the world by members of a dating website  but what about Irish women?
Therefore any man who wishes to become a member must get the approval of existing female members and vice versa.
It turns out that a higher percentage of male Irish applicants are rejected than any other nationality in the world. Over 90% of Irishmen are turned down.
However, one consolation is that Irishmen share that dubious honour with their neighbours from across the Irish Sea. Ireland is tied at joint bottom with Britain – and also Poland.
The site has over five million members and is based in LA – one of the world’s great magnets for beautiful people.
It is run by Greg Hodge. Hodge believes that Irishmen are not making enough of an effort in their applications.
He said: “A topless selfie shot in a seedy room or an image of them at the pub, pint in hand, does not go down well with women. Men are not just selling themselves, they are selling a lifestyle.
“A polished image showing an interesting lifestyle would greatly improve their acceptance rates.”
It could be said that Irishmen are fully aware of the farcical nature of such a shallow and elitist membership system and are deliberately sabotaging their applications for the craic.
Yes, let’s go with that!
Unsurprisingly, Irish women do not have the same problem. They are one of the most popular nationalities among the male members of the site.
Last year, Irish women were voted the ninth best looking in the world by Beautiful People members.
Digging a little deeper into the figures will heap even more misery on people from a certain Irish city.
While it turned out that both male and female applicants from Dublin were the most likely to be accepted, people of both sexes were unlikely to make it through the voting system if they are from Limerick.
The figures this year follow a trend from previous years and shows that Irishmen just refuse to listen to Hodge.
Hodge had very similar advice for Irishmen a few years ago, when they also finished bottom.
Irish women seem to be getting better and better looking every year, with an ever increasing percentage of applicants being accepted.
The best looking people come from Scandinavia, with the highest percentage of men being accepted from Sweden and the women from Norway.