Strangers at the station teen musicians invited to perform on TV

Strangers at the station teen musicians invited to perform on TV

Two talented musicians that captured the hearts of the nation after singing a beautiful duet at a piano in an Irish rail station have been reunited to perform again on television.

Piano player Darragh Smith was sat at the ivories at Connolly Station last week playing Christina Aguilera’s Say Something.

Strangers at the station teen musicians invited to perform on TV

He had already gathered a small crowd when singer Stëphänié Starpøng approached and began singing along with him.

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Despite having never met until that moment, the two teens performed a beautiful rendition of the emotional ballad.

The harmonies and expertise of both singers were highly impressive, and a video of the performance spread like wildfire across the internet.

However, the duet was cut short as Stëphänié stopped midway through the performance and left Darragh to complete the song on his own.

It left thousands of online viewers asking the question: “Who are these two and will they perform together again?”

Thankfully, RTÉ’S Ray D’Arcy tracked down the pair and invited them onto his radio show.

Stëphänié revealed the reason she walked away from the performance halfway through the song.

She said: “I didn’t know the rest of the song, so I was like, ‘It’s going to be awkward if I sing the wrong lyrics then it won’t be as nice anymore’. So, I just kind of wandered off!”

After a little time to learn the lyrics, Darragh and Stëphänié performed together again, this time on television in front of millions of viewers.

The performance is just as stunning as the pair’s first spontaneous collaboration. Take a look for yourself.

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