Irish Mammy scoops Emmy Award for daredevil show

Irish Mammy wins Emmy Award

Irish Mammy Nancy Ashmawy has been rewarded for her bravery and courage after winning an Emmy Award for her daredevil antics in 50 Ways to Kill Your Mother.
The show sees Irish presenter Baz Ashmawy and his mother Nancy take on a series of frightening challenges such as sky diving and swimming with sharks.Irish Mammy wins Emmy Award
Adrenaline junkie Baz had spent the last ten years of his life taking on these sort of challenges. His 70-year-old mother had looked on with interest and eventually took her son by surprise by telling him she wanted to jump out of a plane.
With that the series was born. The pair have since travelled across the world looking for adventures in places such as Africa, Asia and the USA.
Before the show was launched Baz said: “I’ve lived with tribes, wrestled alligators, jumped out of planes and off of buildings, everything I’ve done I have shared with my Mammy. Now it’s her time to try some new things but I’ll be holding her hand the whole way, if I’m not being forced to play travel scrabble and drink tea. To share a journey like this around the world with anyone is life changing but to share it with your seventy year old mammy, that’s the stuff of folklore. We can’t wait. Bring it on!”
And bring it on they certainly did! Nancy is by far the bravest pensioner we have seen in quite some time, being willing to take on challenges that we at Ireland Calling would most likely run a mile from.
The show began in Ireland and Britain under the title ’50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy’ before being broadcast in America where it has gained a cult following.
Baz told Ryan Tubridy that he and his Mammy decided to avoid the glamour and glitzy after parties following the award ceremony, and instead treated themselves to a plate of chicken wings in an Irish pub.
Here is a video of Baz and Nancy receiving their award.

And if you have missed it so far, check out the trailer for the show.