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Irish star Danny O’Donoghue speaks about living with Wilson’s disease

Irish star Danny O’Donoghue has opened up about living with Wilson’s disease and revealed ‘I could die’.

Wilson’s disease is a blood disorder that prevents the body from processing copper, which means that without taking the correct medication his body would become poisoned.

The Script musician has had the illness since birth.

Danny O'Donoghue

O’Donoghue appeared on a podcast with hypnotist Paul McKenna and admitted the disease has made him start to live everyday as if it was his last.

He added that his life would be at risk if he didn’t take his medicine everyday.

O’Donoghue said: “It’s my journey — the things that have gotten me to where I am today is that I live every day like it’s my last.

“I was born with a disease called Wilson’s disease, which is a blood disorder. And the blood disorder is I can’t metabolise copper, so it’s poisoning me slowly, slowly, slowly.

“I take tablets every day, I take two tablets a day for life. But I’m reminded in very sharp focus about death — every day.

“That there’s a possibility that if I don’t take this I could die. So that to me makes me live every single day like it’s my last.

“It isn’t and they caught it at a very early age, but my sister suffers very bad, it has all the hallmarks of multiple sclerosis.”

O’Donoghue also spoke about how the disease has strengthened his state of mind – making him very philosophical.

He said: “For me to know just how brief this life is in infinity — we are a click.

“I feel sad that people get so caught up in the here and the now and Instagram and religion and Muslim versus Catholic and terrorism and all these kind of things.

“And when you realise just how precious and how lucky we are to be here, all we are is a group of atoms that if you leave us in space long enough we happen.

“It’s an incredible thing. And also, we are just an arrangement of atoms that have existed since the beginning of time.”

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