Daniel O’Donnell says ‘Charlie’s Climb’ has united the Irish people like nothing he can remember

Daniel O'Donnell

Irish star Daniel O’Donnell has spoken about the ‘honour’ he felt at taking part in a charity climb in Co Mayo.

The singer was part of ‘Charlie’s Climb’ – a fundraising event featuring group of people who climbed up Croagh Patrick to raise money for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Several members of the public and celebrities such as O’Donnell and boxer Barry McGuigan took part. People elsewhere in Ireland also got involved and climbed mountains, hills and fells all over the country.

The fundraising campaign is named for the popular Irish journalist Charlie Bird who suffers from the disease but took part in the climb at Croagh Patrick and made it to the top.

It was a phenomenal success and raised over €2m.

O’Donnell was delighted and said the fundraiser has united the country as much as anything he can remember.

He told RTÉ’s Ray Darcy: “The whole experience with Charlie was incredible. I don’t know if I have been involved in anything that has united the country like Charlie’s climb.

“It was quite amazing that I was getting messages from people at home, saying ‘oh we’re climbing Errigal’ and there were people climbing mountains in Wicklow and Tipperary – everywhere.”

It was a fantastic effort from people across Ireland and O’Donnell revealed what happened during the motional scenes as they reach the top.

He said: “Then when we eventually arrived at the top when Charlie got up to the top, it was unbelievable the feeling that was there. The atmosphere and he obviously addressed people.

“We sang a few songs, then Vicky Phelan out of the blue came on the phone. There were friends of hers there and we were able to put her on loudspeaker. It was just a moment in time.

“I’m sure other people felt the same.”

Take a look at the video below for the moment Charlie reached the top of Croagh Patrick.

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