Bride stuns new husband with incredible Irish dance performance

Bride stuns new husband with incredible Irish dance performance

A bride got her wedding party of to a flier with an incredible Irish dance performance with her friends and family.

It so happens that Yvonne McNelis is a former Riverdance star, and spent several years touring the world with the famous Irish dance act.

She thought it would be a waste to let those talents go unused on her special day, so arranged with her sisters and friends, who also are current and former Irish dance professionals, to kick-start the wedding party with a bang.

The performance was recorded by a guest at the wedding and posted on Twitter. It gained such momentum on social media it has also featured on Good Morning America on USTV.

McNelis was celebrating her marriage to former Premier League football star Brian Murphy.

She told the show: “My sisters and I kept the Riverdance performance a surprise for him and his family. They were blown away by it and were very proud.”

The video has been viewed and shared thousands of times online and even been retweeted by the official Riverdance account, with well wishes for the happy couple.

Here’s something to cheer everyone up… My friend got married on Friday and she used to be in @Riverdance… As did many of her family and friends. It was EPIC!

— Danielle Barron (@MedEdHead) June 11, 2019

As well as being a professional Irish dance performer, McNelis is also the co-founder of the McNelis Cunningham Boyle School of Irish Dancing in Donegal.

The school was set up by McNelis and her two sisters (yes, they are also professional Irish dancers).

They aim to “teach youngsters and provide a fun, energetic and enjoyable class in a safe and comfortable environment for each child”.

You can find out more about the school by visiting their Facebook page.

Written by Andrew Moore

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