Michael Flatley and Riverdance continue to shine in lockdown

Michael Flatley and Riverdance continue to shine in lockdown

Irish dance legend Michael Flatley has worked with his team at Riverdance to create a wonderful video of the talented performers dancing in their own homes during lockdown.

The Chicago-born star organised his dancers and had them record short video clips of them dancing in and around their homes.

The skilful dancers that make up the Riverdance group are used to performing their complicated routines in front of thousands of fans in arenas around the world.

However, due to the restrictions imposed by governments to combat the spread of the coronavirus, most of these dancers have been confined to their own homes for several months.

That is where the idea came from to create a video of each one of the dancers performing in their own homes.

Dancing is a great way to stay fit and active and when outdoor facilities are not closed it also has the advantage of being a sporting activity that can be performed by anyone in any location.

The cramped spaces did nothing to dampen the inspiration from the dancers and the clips were expertly edited together to create a wonderful feel-good video.

Flatley was keen to offer his gratitude and praise to all the key workers and medical staff that have kept us safe and made sure all supplies are available to those who need them.

The video was posted on YouTube with the following message:

“This Irish dance video is dedicated to all the medical personnel and essential services working on the front line to keep us safe.

“You are the true heroes.

“For you, we present Warlords from Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. Since we can’t be on stage, we’re dancing where we can, in our yards, on our daily walks, in our kitchens. We hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes. We can’t wait to see everyone in person again.”

Take a look the brilliant and creative performance below.

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