Riverdance celebrates 25th year anniversary with spectacular show

Riverdance celebrates 25th year anniversary with spectacular show

Riverdance marked the 25th year anniversary of its first ever show with a spectacular performance back at the venue it all began.

Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley first led his foot-tapping dancers onto the stage during the interval of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin.

Riverdance celebrates 25th year anniversary with spectacular show

The global reaction was so positive that the seven-minute routine was quickly expanded into a full show packed full of exciting dance routines, light display, energetic music and choreography.

The first official Riverdance Show took place at Dublin’s Point Theatre in February 1995. It sold out in minutes and has now been watched by a combined audience of more than 25 million people over the past quarter-century.

To mark the occasion, Riverdance returned to the venue where it all began, now known as the 3Arena in Dublin.

The anniversary performance paid tribute to the talented performers that have danced for Riverdance throughout the years, with numerous pieces of old footage displayed on the big screens.

It then turned into a celebration of the current crop of dancers, many of whom had not even been born when Riverdance first rose to prominence.

The show included a fresh take on the Grammy Award winning soundtrack form composer Bill Whelan, as well as updated costumes and lighting.

Riverdance has been an incredible success since Michael Flatley and Jean Butler first captured the attention of the world in 1994.

The show has been performed in more than 500 venues around the world and visited 29 countries.

The Queen, Pope Francis and former First Lady Michelle Obama are just a few of the iconic people who have been wowed by the performances.

Take a look at the promo video for the 25th year anniversary show.

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