Irish leader and celebrities back abused black dancer and invite her to Ireland

Morgan Bullock Irish dancer

Politicians and celebrities in Ireland have sprung to the defence of a young black girl who was subjected to abuse because she likes Irish dancing. Morgan Bullock is a very accomplished dancer with the Baffa Academy of Irish Dance in Virginia in the United States.Morgan Bullock Irish dancerShe posted some videos of her dancing on the social media platform Tik Tok and while many people said they loved her performances; others were abusive and accused her of cultural appropriation. This is a short sample of Morgan’s dancing skills.

Responding to the criticism, Morgan told RTÉ that she thinks those critics fail to recognise the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation; two very different things.

Morgan is undeterred by the criticism and plans to continue perfecting her Irish dancing skills. She posted this statement on her social media platforms.

“If you think that a black girl Irish dancing is some form of cultural appropriation, then you clearly don’t know much about Irish dance and what is became over the years. There are Irish dance schools all over the world, including Mexico, China, and Africa.

“It has become a very widespread sport in which participants become immersed in the culture, whether or not it is based on ethnicity.

“Irish dance has taken me all over the world. I have been to Ireland multiple times and I was met with so much love and support.”

People throughout Ireland were quick to offer Morgan their support. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar even invited her over to Ireland to dance at next year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade.

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Morgan says she was encouraged by the huge level of support.

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