Irish dancers are stepping and tapping wherever they can in lockdown!

Irish dancers are stepping and tapping wherever they can in lockdown

Irish dance superstars Fusion Fighters reached out to their friends, fans and followers around the world and asked how for clips of them dancing at home during lockdown.

The response was fantastic as Irish dance enthusiasts filmed themselves performing brilliantly in every nook and cranny of their homes.

Irish dancing is one style that can require a generous amount of space for performers to move around as they side-step, leap, lunge and scissor-kick their way around the stage.

Due to the global pandemic most countries have found themselves in some form of lockdown in the past twelve months.

However, where there’s a will there’s a way as shown by the superb creativity, energy and balance displayed by the Irish dancers who took part.

Fusion Fighters were delighted with the amount of people who sent in their clips. They expertly edited them down into a great three-minute video that showcases the wonderful talent out there.

Fusion Fighters have been one of the top Irish dance groups in the world for many years and their innovative videos have become a trademark.

They have also always looked to promote and encourage people all over the world to take up and enjoy Irish dancing.

Phantom – a fantastic evergreen video from Irish dance stars Fusion Fighters

Fantastic Irish dance video from Fusion Fighters

Chris Naish – from Riverdance to Fusion Fighters

The new video is entitled: Let’s Keep Irish Dancing – Fusion Fighters Compilation.

It shows dancers inside their homes in hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, lounges and anywhere else.

The tapping continues to move around the home as the video plays with dancing taking place in garages, gardens, driveways, patios and many more.

There are even some dancers by the edge of a lake and out in the wilds.

Each one shows off their talent with their own choice of Irish dance step or move.

It is an uplifting video and shows how even in these difficult times it is possible to stay fit and healthy at home.

There are plenty of corners to find space for a bit of home exercise and fun, and of course Irish pride.

Take a look and enjoy the video below.