Dancing barman enjoys his day off in Irish pub

Great craic in Irish pub as barman enjoys a dance-off on his day off

An Irish barman had a great time on his day off as he turned up to the pub for a dance off with one of the locals.

You can always tell a good pub by whether the bar staff still decide to turn up for a drink on their day off.

If they can’t stay away for a single day then you can probably assume that it is a place full of great craic, good drinks and an all-round great atmosphere.

Great craic in Irish pub as barman enjoys a dance-off on his day off

Owen Traynor’s Bar in Oldcastle would certainly fit that description if the following video is anything to go by. It is a great Irish pub scene.

Bartender Martin “Speedy” Smith works at the Co Meath pub but couldn’t resist coming in for a drink and a dance on his day off.

As local musician Noel O’Neill played his acoustic guitar and belted out an Elvis classic, Smith took to the floor and showed off his dance moves.

At first he danced with a female customer but it wasn’t long before he turned it into a dance-off, causing plenty of laughter and cheers from the other customers at the bar.

It is one of many great videos that have gone viral over the last couple of years which demonstrate why the atmosphere in an Irish pub is the envy of the world – and even one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions.

When local farmer Ger Foley passed away, all of his friends gathered together to belt out the Killers’ classic ‘Mr Brightside’ at his wake.

Another bartender didn’t break his stride as he served customers while singing a beautiful Jimmy MacCarthy song.

Dublin pub the Stag’s Head is host to Ukulele Tuesday, which sees several musicians get together to play their ukuleles and sing popular songs.

And of course there was the Merry Ploughboy’s ten pub rules for a good night out.

“Speedy” Smith’s dancing video shows what a great atmosphere there is in Owen Traynor’s Bar.

Take look at the video below.

Eight reasons why Irish pubs are so popular.

If you enjoyed that, take a look at the following video which features performers singing and dancing in some of Dublin’s famous Temple Bar pubs.

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