We all love dad jokes right? Here’s a cracker!

We all love dad jokes right? Here's a cracker!

We all love dad jokes right? Or we certainly love to hate them? Most of us can tell when they are coming as that mischievous grin flickers across the old fella’s face and that twinkle can be seen in his eyes.

One Dublin father has become a comedy superstar after his daft joke on his daughter was recorded and posted online.

We all love dad jokes right? Here's a cracker!

David Cromwell sat at his kitchen table with his daughter and his props of a pen and piece of paper with a drawing of a swan on it.

He explains the rules; he will point at part of the swan’s body with his pen, and his daughter has to say out loud which body part it is.

“Beak, wing, feet. Beak, wing feet. Beak, wing, feet.”

Once the groundwork has been done, David sets up his daughter for the punchline with a last few instructions.
You will have to watch the video to find out how the joke ends.

You can tell by the reactions of David’s daughter and wife that this is not the first time they have heard one of his daft jokes.

Of course, David finds the whole thing hilarious. Which it is, sort of.

Written by Andrew Moore