Cutest baby copies uncle's Irish dance moves

Cutest baby copies uncle's Irish dance moves

Jack Connolly – remember the name! This little cutie is surely destined to be an Irish dancing star of the future.
Despite being only one year old and not yet able to walk, little Jack is already showing he has got the skills to rival Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley.
Cutest baby copies uncle's Irish dance moves
In an adorable video, Jack is seen copying his uncle’s moves and he certainly looks to have some talent.
Jack, from Lurgan in Co Armagh, is sat on the floor in his living room, with his uncle sat on a chair next to him.
His uncle shows off some nice footwork himself as he moves his feet to show Jack how to Irish dance.
Jack then responds with his own attempt, and wiggles his legs around before looking back up to his uncle for the next moves.
Irish dancing has grown in popularity since the birth of Riverdance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. There are now Irish dance groups in almost every major city in the world, where enthusiasts young and old can hone their skills.
There have even been Irish dance acts who have auditioned for television talent shows, such as Innova on Britain’s Got Talent and Hammerstep on America’s Got Talent.
The popularity of Irish dancing has also created a trend in groups performing flash mob routines in unexpected places such as Dublin Airport and even the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina.
This video of little Jack though is possibly the best of the lot. It is absolutely brilliant and as charming as it is funny. Is this maybe the first recorded performance of a future star of the stage?
Take a look and decide for yourself.