Customers leave hilarious comments about new burger at Cork restaurant

Sun of a bun chipper

A cheeky customer left a note behind after visiting his favourite burger joint to let them know just how delicious his food had been.

Staff at the Son Of A Bun restaurant in Cork were amused to find the letter.

It had been written by a customer, known only as Chris, who left in a very good mood.

Sun of a bun chipper

So good, in fact, that he started his letter ‘I love you, from Chris’.

The letter then continued: “Hi guys, I just wanted to tell ye how much I love the Chipper burger. It’s like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone is invited.

“Sometimes I even buy an extra one so I can bring it home and put it on the pillow next to me in bed.

“Love you guys, peace out.”

The Chipper burger was Son Of A Bun’s monthly special burger and it clearly went down a storm.

Another customer was even more extreme in expressing his or her fondness for the chipper burger.

The customer left a note that said: “I would sell my child at the English Market for ye to keep that Chipper burger on the main menu.”

It’s no surprise the customers enjoyed the burger so much, it looks delicious and comes with Curry Sauce, Cheese & Onion Potato pie sandwiched between two 3oz patties both topped with cheddar cheese, mushy peas, garlic mayo, brioche bun.

Son Of A Bun’s social media team loved the notes and posted them to Instagram.

They posted Chris’ review with caption: “Reviews are being left for the chipper…..and they never fail to entertain us.”

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