Quirky underground shelter is Ireland’s must-visit holiday home

Quirky underground shelter is Ireland's must-visit holiday home

Do you ever fancy a week away from all the pressures and stresses of everyday life? Maybe curl up with someone special in your own private little cubby hole hidden away from the rest of the world?

How about this place?

Quirky underground shelter is Ireland's must-visit holiday home

The “CroPod” is an underground shelter built into the hillside in the middle of the beautiful countryside of Donegal.
The unusual property is available as a holiday home through Under The Thatch, who specialise “fabulous, quirky” holiday homes across Europe.

They describe the property as “a luxury escape for architects, designers, writers and those who love nature.”

Quirky underground shelter is Ireland's must-visit holiday home

UTT writes: “CroPod sleeps two with huge open mountain views to the lough below and beyond. It sits next to, but private from, our cottage ‘The Escape’ in case you’ve friends who’d like to stay near.

“The village (with sandy beach, folk museum, some of the best ‘trad. music’ pubs in Ireland) is under 15 minutes away, but most come for the relaxing, and the walking. Treck down the beautiful valley to Port beach, with fantastic bathing on good days, or up the hill of ‘your’ mountain to find the hidden seven lakes. Ours is the only property in the townland, and you can walk for miles across open moor and mountain without fences.

“A favourite walk is to the remote mountain cottage where Dylan Thomas wrote and Rockwell Kent painted (you can only reach it on foot), or to amazing seacliffs where golden eagles nest. It really is a remarkable location, which is why it was the main home of Greg, UTT’s founder for many years. It’s a special place – visit and you’ll feel why.”

Quirky underground shelter is Ireland's must-visit holiday home

The retreat was listed as one of the 20 best places to stay in Europe to “get away from it all” in 2017 by the Irish Times.

It wrote: “There’s something very Bilbo Baggins about this new two-person pod, found close to the Wild Atlantic Way driving route in Co Donegal, northwest Ireland. An oak-lined shelter built into empty hillside, it comes with a good bed, ample light, a kitchen with oven, a lounge area and shower. You come here primarily to walk — to beautiful Glenlough Bay, inaccessible by road, to sea cliffs where golden eagles nest, to the remote cottage where Dylan Thomas once summered and through enough moorland to stir the glummest of souls.”

A stay in the CroPod could cost you as little as €590.

For more information visit underthethatch.co.uk.

Written by Andrew Moore