Limerick kids choir sing beautiful tribute to Dolores

Kids choir sing beautiful tribute to Dolores

A school choir stole the show recently on Irish television with their stirring performance of the Cranberries smash hit Dreams.

The kids from Corpus Christi National School Choir appeared on RTE’s ‘Up For the Match’ and had viewers captivated with their emotional rendition.
Kids choir sing beautiful tribute to Dolores
Two talented youngsters led the choir with great confidence and maturity and the entire group sang beautifully.
Dreams was one of the Cranberries biggest hits of the 1990s.

The band’s lead singer Dolores O’Riordan tragically died in January 2018 aged just 46.

With the loss still very raw to many, it was a brave decision from the kids at Corpus Christi to tackle one of O’Riordan’s most iconic songs.

Up For the Match is a preview show, which appears twice a year ahead of the All-Ireland hurling and football finals.
This edition was ahead of the hurling final that saw Co Limerick face off against Co Galway.

The kids of Corpus Christi were there to represent their home county Limerick, and chose to sing Dreams for one of the county’s most famous daughters Dolores.

It was a fitting tribute to a legend of Irish music, and a moving rendition of a beautiful song.

Take a look for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore