Courtney Cox and her family try to do fiancé’s Northern Irish accent

Former Friends star Courtney Cox invited her fiancé back to her home in Alabama to meet her family, so that they could all make fun of his accent.
The incident was recorded by Cox on her mobile phone, and shows that despite her fame and fortune, she is still at her happiest joking around at home with the people she loves.
Courtney Cox and her family try to ‘do’ fiancé’s Northern Irish accent. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
The actress is engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid, who is from Northern Ireland.
The couple met in 2013, and announced their plans to marry on Twitter last year.
So the time was right for Cox to bring McDaid home to meet her family.
However, instead of everyone being on their best behaviour to make Johnny feel at ease in his new surroundings, Cox and her family all attempted to ‘do’ Johnny’s accent for fun.
The Cougar Town star recorded the family fun on her mobile, and the footage was played during an interview with chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.
She explained that people in Northern Ireland don’t say now like N-O-W, but like N-A-U-W, before comically attempting the accent.
Kimmel then introduces the mobile phone video from the Cox family home in Alabama. In it, McDaid demonstrates his fine Northern Irish accent with the commonly known phrase: “How now, brown cow.”
Cox then encourages her family to all have a go at it, with mixed results. She even makes her mother attempt it, despite protests that she is 80 years old.
The video ends after several members of the Cox family have tried to ‘sound like Johnny’.
The final shot is of the music star patiently smiling to the camera, after being roundly mocked by the entire family of his future wife.
Cox joked: “Yeah he wanted to go home after that!”
Watch the video below.