Why do couples get so annoyed with each other in the kitchen?

Couple arguing in the kitchen

One out of every three arguments had by couples are sparked by our activities in the kitchen according to a recent survey.
In fact, couples have more than 100 arguments a year over cooking, washing up and food.
Couple arguing in the kitchen
A third of kitchen arguments are sparked by messy worktops or interfering partners, while 17% are about burnt food.
One in five of people admitted to arguing with their partner at least once a week over the kitchen.
However, the hot stove is also a place where couples can get closer, with 33% admitting they had shared a snog in the kitchen, and 23% revealing they had got even steamier with their partner.
The survey was carried out by Kenwood who sell various kitchen appliances such as food blenders, kettles, toasters and electric knives.
Another source of tension in the kitchen is the use of social media, with 18% of people being irritated by their partners taking pictures and posting them online while they are cooking or eating.
Of the people surveyed, 43% said they prefer to cook alone, and only 2% would be happy to cook with their in-laws.
Celebrity chef Raymond Blanc said: “Good food can certainly be the way to a person’s heart but when it goes wrong it can have the opposite effect.
“It’s clear from the research that cooking evokes great passions and couples fall out and make up often in the kitchen.”

Top then reasons couples fall out in the kitchen

Messy worktops
Unwanted advice and interference
Putting cutlery and crockery in the wrong place
Who is doing the washing up
Getting bossed about while cooking
Getting stressed while cooking
Being expected to cook all the time
Who is doing the cooking
One partner cant actually cook.
Interestingly, men and women get annoyed by different things in the kitchen. Here are the five most common annoyance for each.

Top five most annoying kitchen habits for women

Being left to wash up after cooking the meal
Their partner makes a mess when cooking
Their partner uses more pots and pans than is necessary
Being given unwanted help
Helpful partner is actually just making a mess.

Top five most annoying kitchen habits for men

Messy cooks
Being left to wash up after cooking the meal
Their partner uses too many utensils when cooking
Being bossed about
Being served burnt or overcooked food.