Country music star keeps fans entertained as Storm Ophelia rages outside

Nathan Carter performs at the Montenotte Hotel during Storm Ophelia

A country music star kept the Irish public’s spirits high as they were trapped in the hotel by the raging Storm Ophelia.

Nathan Carter and his band had been performing in The Opera House in Cork and stayed over for the night due to the dangerous conditions caused by the storm.

Like much of Cork, their hotel, Montenotte Hotel in the city centre, was hit with a power cut because of Ophelia.

Nathan Carter performs at the Montenotte Hotel during Storm Ophelia

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While that could lead to many people becoming extremely bored, it was not the case for guests in the hotel thanks to the 27-year-old star.

Rather than hide away, Carter stepped up and gave his fans an impromptu performance.

He sat down at the piano of the hotel bar and belted out a few songs, including the Don McClean classic American Pie.

Multi-instrumentalist Carter, from Liverpool, England, is hugely popular in Ireland after a prolific decade which has seen him complete numerous tours and release nine albums.

When his fans needed him to take their minds off the storm he was there for them with a free performance.

Take a look at the video below.

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