Sharon Corr says the Corrs would have furious rows backstage – before making each other laugh

The Corrs

Irish star Sharon Corr has spoken about how she and her siblings would get into blazing rows before going on stage with their hugely successful band The Corrs.

The band, which featured Sharon, her sisters Andrea and Caroline, and brother Jim, sold millions of albums, have been on several world tours and released numerous hits such as What Can I Do, Breathless, Runaway, So Young and Dreams.

Despite their success, they would sometimes get into furious arguments before performing, only to get out on stage and act like nothing had happened.

The violinist said that plates would sometimes be thrown across a room, only for their conflict to evaporate as quickly as it had erupted, in a way that can only happen among siblings.

Their adoring fans never knew a thing once they started playing!

Sharon was speaking to Martin King and Karen Costa on the Six O Clock Show.

She said: “It was like a family.

“Yes, we were definitely fighting but I suppose we had a lot of respect for the magic that we brought musically together.

“We had something super special there between us and there was also a lot of comfort in being with each other.

“I mean we would stand off – there were plates flying at stages and then we would get on stage and look all innocent like we were nice people but then you would end up laughing because someone would do something stupid on stage or play a wrong note.

“It’s totally natural we’re a family we’re going to have a few rows.”