'Official' Gardaí statement has fans scratching their heads

'Official' Gardaí statement has fans scratching their heads

A comical traffic statement released by the Gardaí has attracted much attention online, as people are wondering just who posted it.
The traffic statement was released to warn fans travelling to Croke Park on Saturday about the potential traffic and congestion they may encounter.
'Official' Gardaí statement has fans scratching their heads
However, instead of the usual stern tone you could expect from an official Gardaí statement, this one is full of charm and jokes that make you question exactly who wrote it, approved it and posted it.
Take a look at the ‘official’ Gardaí statement below.
“A thought for those on the Annual Pilgrimage to Croke Park on Saturday!
“Consider that not all the snakes have left Ireland. We have Red and Green ones! So we urge all the pilgrims from the west to consider sliding into town on the snake. The Luas will be running as will Irish rail.
“The wheels on the bus go round and round however we seek divine intervention and hope they are running on Saturday. Jumping on a bus you might not get far, you won’t stop off to pick up your guitar.
“For those who insist on bringing their own chariot on the pilgrimage and close to the sacred ground, its business as usual. So plan your journey and ignore the park & ride option at your peril. You may seek tickets but not the ones we offer.
“Consider the locals and plan your travel home to the west via the tunnel to the east, head north onto M1 and south onto M50. While custom and habit may take you onto the Navan Road it is not a traditional Sunday but Saturday and competition for space on the road will be fierce.
“Jones road is a mecca for pilgrims before and after the game so we urge you to plan your meeting place with other clan members elsewhere. After the game access will be denied onto Jones road from Clonliffe and North Circular Road
“We urge everyone in Ireland to consider supporting the boys in blue. We seek 800 recruits so regardless where and how you travel from, apply today. Closing date is the Thursday next 29th Septembers see www.publicjobs.ie.
“Back to the match. Regardless of the curse you take or choose to ignore, enjoy the journey and the match. Speeds cameras do not differentiate between red green & blues, so we urge all pilgrims to travel with pace but not with speed. The tickets we offer you do not desire, we urge to consider the points, never speed. Create memories on the pilgrimage that will always bring a smile and travel the last mile like the first, in style!”

Written by Andrew Moore