Colin Farrell speaks about his love of Ireland

Colin Farrell - Speaks about his love for Ireland and how he enjoys coming home when he can

Hollywood star Colin Farrell has spoken about how much he loves filming in Ireland and how he enjoys coming home to Dublin when he gets the chance.

The True Detective actor is currently back in Ireland promoting his new film, The Lobster, in which he finds himself in a dystopian future.
The movie was filmed in Kerry and has received rave reviews. Farrell said: “I love the west of Ireland, I’m very comfortable there even since my days of Falling for a Dancer, back in the old Beara peninsula.”
Colin Farrell - Speaks about his love for Ireland and how he enjoys coming home when he can
He also told the press that he was delighted to be back in Dublin to attend the premiere at the Light House Cinema.
He said: “It’s great to be back. It’s gorgeous. Heaven. I mean this place, you know, I’m like a grain of sand to a beach. It will always be home to me in so many ways and makes sense to me in many ways that America never will.
“I’m there 12 or 15 years and I’m still not fully used to it and I probably never will be. This is home. This is what I’m used to.”
He also said that he is looking for a director for his next project – a film based on a true story about a homeless Irish football team who make it all the way to the world championships.
Farrell added: “Hopefully in time, the script is beautiful. Frank Cantrell Boyce has written an extraordinary script. We just have to find someone who’ll fit in as director. It’ll absolutely be back here, I’m not sure where we’ll be shooting it but some of it will be here.”
Meanwhile, Farrell also revealed he is looking forward to his brother’s wedding and reiterated his delight with Ireland’s gay marriage referendum result.
Nearly two thirds of the country voted to legalise gay marriage back in May – a result that meant Farrell’s brother Eamonn will be able to have a wedding ceremony with his long term partner in Ireland, having already married in Canada.
Farrell told the Irish Sun: “I was delighted and relieved, I thought it was a really good launching point for the next generation of teenagers coming up as well and I thought it was an enormous cry to the importance of compassion in society, so I was delighted. If I get an invite (to his brother’s wedding) I’ll be there.”
Take a look at the video of Colin’s interview below.

Take a look at the trailer for The Lobster.