Colin Farrell philosophical as he approaches 40th birthday

Colin Farrell - Irish superstar is philosophical about life and love as he nears his 40th birthday

Irish superstar Colin Farrell has revealed that he isn’t going to start panicking about getting older, as he nears his 40th birthday.
The Seven Psychopaths star said he has too many good things going in his life – including his two sons and a thriving career – to worry about aging.
He said: “Jesus, I’m going to be 40 in three weeks. I hope life is very different. It is very different than it was two years ago, and four years ago, and five years ago.
Colin Farrell - Irish superstar is philosophical about life and love as he nears his 40th birthday
“Either you accept and move with change or you suppress it, and I much prefer to be the former as much as I can.”
Farrell is currently promoting his latest movie – the critically acclaimed comedy ‘The Lobster’ which sees the Dublin actor take on the role of David. David’s wife leaves him and he is sent to a hotel to find a new partner. He has 45 days to do so or he will be turned into an animal and released into the forest.
He is also working on the prequel to the Harry Potter movies, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.
Farrell also gave an insight into his personal life and his views on love. He said: “I’ve always been pretty optimistic about those kinds of things all my life — as long as I can remember being exposed to the concept of love or romance.
“I think the older you get, the more you can see pure romance as a trap and something that’s a cloak, as opposed to a veil falling, which it presents itself as initially.”
The In Bruges star believes that dating websites are as good a way as any to find a partner and that there was no guarentee that a person you might meet face to face in a bar would be any more honest than someone you meet online.
He said: “I have friends who have met people on dating sites who have had really good relationships, and that’s great.
“F**k anyone else who says that’s bulls***. Why is it a bastion of honesty and sharing of truth to chat someone up at six o’clock in the morning in a club, or two o’clock in the morning in a club, with a belly full of Jack Daniels? That’s not exactly the real you either, you know what I mean?”
As Farrell reaches his milestone 40th birthday, he has developed a philosophical outlook on life and love.
He said: “I see love all around me in the world. I see it with my friends, I see it in my life. And I see cruelty as well. We’re just a multifaceted confluence of contradictions, human beings. It’s just a matter of which contradiction you want to align yourself with.”