Colin Farrell reveals he took DNA test to see ‘how Irish he is’

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Hollywood hunk Colin Farrell has revealed he took a DNA test to see exactly how Irish he is.

The Irish star has won the hearts of millions throughout his career with his charming Irish accent, but he wanted to find out more about his ancestry.

In an interview with US chat host Jimmy Kimmel the Dubliner explained that he had taken a DNA test.

Kimmel asked him what the results had told him, and Farrell replied: “Not a lot. I found out that I was about, ballpark, 98.7% Irish.

“I was so disappointed I’m not the real deal.”

Farrell explained that the remaining 1.3% of his genetic makeup comes from central Europe.

The actor was promoting his latest role in the British gangster movie The Gentleman in which he stars alongside several other Hollywood legends such as Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey.

The question about DNA was a topical one as many people have chosen to find out about their heritage and family background in recent years.

There are numerous websites and courses that help people piece together their family tree, thanks to millions of records now being accessible online.

There is also the technology now available for people to have their DNA tested to see what regions their genetic makeup is from.

You can take a look at Farrell talking about his own DNA discovery in the video below.

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