Coleen Nolan fears her sister could have been one of the Tuam babies

Coleen Nolan fears her sister could have been one of the Tuam babies

Coleen Nolan has admitted she fears her long-lost sister could have been one of the babies whose remains were found in a sewage tank.

The music star admitted she had a half-sister who she never met, after her father had an affair that produced a child.

Nolan said: “It would’ve been around that time.”

The country was shocked last week when it was revealed that the remains of hundreds of babies had been discovered at a well-known mother and baby home where 796 children died.

The remains were found in a sewage tank at an excavated site by the home, in Tuam, Co Galway.

The age-at-death of the individuals found ranged from 35 foetal weeks to two to three years.

Now, Loose Women presenter Nolan has said that it is possible that one of the deceased could have been her half-sister.

She explained to co-host Janet Street-Porter that she had always wondered what had happened to her sister. She pointed out that because of the fame of her and her sisters, they wouldn’t have been hard to find if their sister had ever wanted to get in touch.

Nolan said: “All this time, I’ve wondered, ‘Did she die at childbirth? Was she adopted? Did she know about us?’

“She would’ve been in Ireland around that time, and this is just one of the homes where they’ve found bodies.

“As soon as I heard the news, I thought, ‘Please don’t let her have been there.’

Nolan found stardom in the 1970s as part of the band the Nolans, alongside her sisters Anne, Maureen, Linda, and Bernie Nolan.

She described the feelings amongst her siblings when they found out their father had been unfaithful to their mother.

“We think the woman may have given her baby up for adoption. Or perhaps she’s out there, and has no idea about us. Worse, maybe she’s died.

“I just felt so sorry for mum, who stuck with her husband despite his betrayal, and for the half-sister we never knew.”

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