Irish Coast Guard posts shocking video to warn of the dangers of the sea

Irish Coast Guard posts shocking video to warn of the dangers of the sea

The Irish Coast Guard has posted a shocking video online that shows a man being knocked over by powerful waves and dragged out to sea by several metres.

The video was posted as a warning to the public to pay the sea the respect it deserves, especially during the torrential weather brought about by Storm Brendan.

Irish Coast Guard posts shocking video to warn of the dangers of the sea

The video sees three men stood on the edge of the beach in an alcove between two large rocks.

Initially, they appear to be a safe distance from the sea but in seconds a huge wave comes and washes over them knocking one of the men off his feet.

Before he can regain his footing, he is swept out by the wave and into the danger of the deeper water.

The two men he was with chase after him down the beach but are unable to reach him.

Thankfully, all three people in the video were rescued without serious injury.

Several people commenting on the scenes have pointed out that the video is not new footage and was actually recorded in France in 2016.

However, the Irish Coast Guard chose to post it online to demonstrate the vast power of the ocean, and how real the dangers can be.

It is a good example of how quickly a seemingly safe situation can turn to disaster.

The Irish Coast Guard posted the video with the message: “Breaking waves along the coast can be unpredictable and quickly drag you away.

“Do not approach breaking waves. Stay Back, Stay High & Stay Dry!”

Take a look at the video for yourselves and stay safe everyone.

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