Co Dublin ‘Bishop’s palace’ on sale for €3.9m

Take a look inside €3.9m ‘Bishop’s Palace’

A ‘bishop’s palace’ in Kilternan, Co Dublin has been put up for sale for €3.9m.

Bishop’s Vale House was only built in 1999, but it was so painstakingly researched by architect and designer Rhona Roe that it looks like it could have been built 200 years earlier.

Mrs Roe is a big fan of Georgian architecture and when her family inherited the estate she embarked on the huge task of recreating the characteristics of the classic style.

Take a look inside €3.9m ‘Bishop’s Palace’

She even travelled to England to study the chimney stacks Winslow Hall which was designed by her hero Christopher Wren.

Rhona and husband Ken have lived there with their children ever since. However, now the kids have all grown up and flown the nest, Rhona and Ken are selling the mansion. It is quoted at €3.9m from agent Sherry Fitzgerald.

It includes five bedrooms, a drawing room, a family room, a wine cellar, a French style kitchen, a library and plenty more over three levels.

It is situated within nine acres of land in Kilternan which is a short drive from Dublin.

Take a look at some of the photos of this fantastic mansion.

Bishop's Palace fountain
Bishop's Palace living room
Bishop's Palace piano
Bishop's Palace dining room
Bishop's Palace dining room 2
Bishop's Palace kitchen
Bishop's Palace lounge
Bishop's Palace tv
Bishop's Palace stairs
Bishop's Palace front room
Bishop's Palace bedroom 1
Bishop's Palace bedroom 2
Bishop's Palace bedroom 3
Bishop's Palace bathroom
Bishop's Palace driveway
Bishop's Palace outside
Bishop's Palace garden
Bishop's Palace pond
Bishop's Palace drive and gate