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Little Irish girl’s reaction to the Hulk is comedy gold

A little Irish girl has become an internet star after her reaction to watching Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk was videoed and posted online.

The girl in question is Clara, the daughter of Irish comedian Paddy Raff. He is a huge fan of the Avengers and has often watched the movies with her.

Little Irish girl's reaction to the Hulk is comedy gold

However, it is the comical reaction of Clara that has struck a chord with online viewers, as her expression changes from disbelief to anger at the destruction Bruce Banner causes as he transforms into the Hulk.

Clara is left open-mouthed in disbelief that Banner could be so naughty and holds up her hand to wag her finger at the TV. She then turns to look at her daddy who is filming her for some support in her disapproval.

Raff posted the video online and many commentators have joked that she is the true comedy star in the family and is now more famous than him.

In fact, the video has even been spotted by Hulk legend Lou Ferrigno who gave Clara his seal of approval with the comment ‘Very Funny’.

And current Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo also found the video and reposted it with the comment: “The secret way of stopping Dr. Banner from turning into the Hulk.”

Clara completely charms viewers as her shocked reaction to the Hulk is only interrupted by her commitment to chomping on her snack.

Like all good comedians, Paddy Raff can laugh at himself and accepts his daughter is the true star.

He has joked that he is going to get her to do some material for the crowd before his next gig to get the audience warmed up.

Take a look at the comical video, as Clara watched the mild-mannered Bruce Banner transform into the destructive force of the Hulk.

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