Looking for love? Four Irish cities that are great for singles

Looking for love? Four Irish cities that are great for singles

Ireland has four of the best cities in Europe for singles according to a report created by travel website Big Seven.

Many couples travel to Ireland for a romantic getaway, but it is also a great place for singles to meet new people and maybe even find love.

Big Seven is one of the leading travel sites online with numerous reviews and customer ratings of destinations all around the world.

They compiled the list of the top 50 cities in Europe for singles and Ireland had four entrants in the final standings.

Unlucky for some but hopefully not in love, Dublin was the highest placed Irish city named 13th in the list.

Big Seven wrote about the Irish capital: “You’ll have the luck of the Irish when it comes to dating in Dublin, as it’s the 14th most popular city in Europe for Tinder Passport users. Dublin also ranks highly on Nomad List’s top Tinder cities in Europe, with users reporting positive reviews of the city’s dating scene and its openness to LGBTQ+.”

The next best city in Ireland for singles was named as Cork, in 25th place. Big Seven noted that the sexy brogues of the rebel county can often be enough to melt the hearts of prospective partners.

It said: “The Irish accent is known as one of the sexiest in the world, and Cork holds the honour of 18th most popular Tinder city in Europe according to Nomad List users. It beats out countless other well known cities.”

The Big Seven team used a number of criteria in ranking each city and its appeal for singles.

They compiled data from dating apps usage by location, percentage of single people per capita and overall population of each city amongst other things.

The top ten cities for singles according to Big Seven and its rankings were as follows:

1st. Stockholm, Sweden
2nd. Madrid, Spain
3rd. Oslo, Norway
4th. London, England
5th. Berlin, Germany
6th. Geneva, Switzerland
7th. Paris, France
8th. Oxford, England
9th. Tallinn, Estonia
10th. Lisbon, Portugal

The third Irish city in the top 50 was Northern Ireland capital Belfast coming in 29th position. Big Seven had little to say about the locals or the town itself, but pointed out that from a numbers point of view it could be a good bet for singles hoping to find love.

It wrote: “Belfast has (at last count!) a grand total of 106,568 single people in the city. That’s 46.6% of the city’s population, a percentage that’s quite promising.”

The final entry from Ireland is the west coast city of Galway. Mundy famously sang about meeting himself a lovely Galway Girl and the theme is so popular megastar Ed Sheeran also wrote a different song of the same name.

It is one of the most vibrant cities in the country in terms of nightlife and music and these settings are perfect to meet someone new and maybe just hit it off. Big Seven placed Galway 42nd best city for singles.

It wrote: “Galway has the highest percentage (at 53.3% ) of single people in Ireland, making it extra easy to find your very own Galway Girl. You’ve some decent chances at finding love in the singles capital of Ireland.”