Irish chef tells hilarious story of the most ridiculous complaint she ever received

Buffalo wings

An Irish chef has revealed the funniest – and most extraordinary – complaint that she has received in her career.

It involved a customer who was not happy with her buffalo wings – no matter how many times she sent them back.

There was something about them that kept bothering her.

Buffalo wings

The chef was speaking to 98FM’s Dublin Talks, in a section where customer facing workers were asked to tell their stories of some of the most bizarre interactions they had experienced at work.

One caller, named Emma, rang in to tell a story that happened while she was working in a Dublin hotel.

Emma said: “We had a bar food kitchen, and someone ordered buffalo wings.

“That was fine, sent out the buffalo wings. Then the waiter came back a few minutes later with the wings in his hand and says ‘the customer’s not happy, she said she asked for buffalo wings’.”

The waiter was new and inexperienced, but Emma told him to go back out and tell the customer that she had been served buffalo wings.

Emma continued: “So he came back in a few minutes later laughing, and I was like ‘don’t come near me with the wings’.

“He goes ‘no she said she ordered buffalo wings, she said she doesn’t like chicken wings’.

“I was like WHAT? So apparently she said ‘I don’t like chicken, I’d like buffalo wings, I want the wings off a buffalo’.”

Emma’s story had host Jeremy Dixon in a fit of laughter.

We feel for you Emma, we’ve all had days like that.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling

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