Does this voice artist’s Liverpool accent sound Irish to you?

Chameleon Voices Liverpool accent sounds Irish. Image copyright Ireland Calling

A voice artist who claims to be able to do dozens of accents from around the world has come under criticism online with many saying her Liverpool accent sounds more Irish.

ChameleonVoices is the name of the actress who is originally from Australia.

Chameleon Voices Liverpool accent sounds Irish. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Her YouTube channel features dozens of videos with her displaying her vocal versatility with accents from Russia, South Africa, France and India as well as numerous regional accents from the UK and America.

However, Chameleon’s Liverpool accent, also known as Scouse, has attracted some unwanted attention recently with many saying it is completely inaccurate. It has been compared to Welsh, Irish, Pakistani and Yorkshire amongst others. One YouTube commenter said it sounded 90% Irish.

The video has been online for two years but has only recently picked up thousands of views thanks to the controversy surrounding the attempted accent.

In Chameleon’s defence the Scouse accent is notoriously difficult to understand. There have been countless cases of Liverpool celebrities and sports stars being playfully mocked by the media for their inaudible accents.

So it is likely to be one of the more difficult regional accents to get right. Most of Chameleon’s videos are good attempts at the accent in question but perhaps as some have suggested the Liverpool one still needs a bit of work.

She states on her YouTube channel that she is originally from Australia, and her mother is Irish and her father English.

She says she has also lived in America and France so she does have a wealth of experience on which to hone her skills.

Here is the Liverpool accent that has caused all the fuss. See what you think of it. Below are also Chameleon’s Dublin and Belfast accents. To see more of Chameleon’s videos visit her YouTube page.

Liverpool Accent by Chameleon

Dublin Accent by Chameleon

Belfast Accent by Chameleon

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