Catholic Church officially acknowledge ‘miracle’ took place in Ireland 30 years ago

Knock Shrine. Photo copyright Paul Cowan CC2

The Catholic Church have officially acknowledged a ‘miracle’ that occurred at Marian shrine in Knock in 1989.

Marion Carroll was in her late 30s when she visited the Irish pilgrimage site 30 years ago. She was suffering with a variety of seriously conditions.

She was blind in one eye, partially sighted in the other, as well as being wheelchair bound and incontinent.

Knock Shrine. Photo copyright Paul Cowan CC2

Her muscles had wasted away and problems with her throat made it difficult for her to speak.

She went against medical advice to attend Anointing of the Sick in the Basilica in Knock. Against all logic she was healed.

Ms Carroll wrote in her book ‘I Was Cured At Knock’ that she received a blessing and was then able to step up from her stretcher and felt no pain.

She described the moment as: “This beautiful, magnificent feeling telling me that if the stretcher was opened I could get up and walk.”

The Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois, Francis Duffy, says that there is no medical or scientific explanation for her recovery.

He said: “I recognise that Marion was healed from her long-standing illness while on pilgrimage in this sacred place.

“Marion’s healing is life-changing. Many have attested to the dramatic change that came about in Marion here and on her return to Athlone in 1989.

“It is also a healing for which there is no medical explanation at present, it is definite and yet defies medical explanation.”

In 2019, Archbishop of Tuam Dr Michael Neary said: “Today the Church formally acknowledges that this healing does not admit of any medical explanation and joins in prayer, praise and thanksgiving to God.

“In these situations, the Church must always be very cautious. This is illustrated by the fact that 30 years have elapsed since this took place, during which time the examination by the Medical Bureau (at the Knock shrine) testifies that there is no medical explanation for this healing.”

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