Cate Blanchett will appear in Star Wars – only if she can film in Ireland

Cate Blanchett said she would love to film the next Star Wars movie at Skellig Michael

Oscar winning superstar Cate Blanchett has told the makers of Star Wars that she would love to appear in the next movie.

However, she has one important condition – that she gets to film in Ireland.
The Australian actress was blown away by the images of Skellig Michael, which featured in the latest movie ‘The Force Awakens’.
Cate Blanchett said she would love to film the next Star Wars movie at Skellig Michael. Cate Blanchett photo copyright Gage Skidmore cc2
She described the island, off the coast of Co Kerry, as ‘truly breathtaking’. While she is a fan of the Star Wars movie franchise, her main reason for wanting to appear in it is that she might be able to film at the island.
Blanchett said: “Isn’t it just the most awe-inspiring place. It’s like something out of a fantasy, out of the minds of the greatest artists. Truly breathtaking. Soaring out of the ocean.
“Star Wars, I suspect, is probably a lot of fun. JJ Abrams is a gifted creator, I’d certainly be game. But it would have to be on Skellig Michael.
“I suspect that may be the only time a crew is allowed to be there.”
It wouldn’t be the first time that Blanchett has filmed in Ireland. In 2002 she starred in the biopic of crime journalist Veronica Guerin, who was tragically killed by drug lords in 1996.
The filming took part in Kildare and Dublin but Blanchett was so immersed in her role that she was unable to switch off and take in the sights during her down time.
She said: “Veronica was incredibly important to me. Her story and her fight enveloped me and I wanted to make sure I paid her memory the utmost concentration and respect — which didn’t leave lots of time for sightseeing.”
Blanchett would certainly not be disappointed if she did get the chance to film at Skellig Michael. The cast and crew of the previous movie recently spoke in glowing terms about the ‘indescribable beauty’ of the island and how enjoyable it was to film there.