Carol Vorderman wants to learn to speak Irish, and wants music star as her tutor

Carol Voderman and Imelda May. Photo copyrights 21stCenturyGreenstuff CC3 and Raph PH CC2

Dublin songstress Imelda May received an unexpected request on Twitter when iconic maths expert Carol Vorderman asked if she would teach her some Irish.

The surprise interaction came after May had posted online about the launch of Seachtain na Gaeilge – a two-week festival that celebrates and promotes the use of the Irish language.

May is an ambassador for the event and wants to be make the Irish language more accessible to all.

She admitted that she is not fluent herself, and that it can sometimes be embarrassing to try and speak Irish in front of others.

May has opened up about her own experiences and hopes that will be an example to others and give people the confidence to try and speak in the language of their homeland.

She posted on her Twitter account: “I hope this will be a kickstart for a lot of us to begin embracing Irish as part of everyday life.

“I got involved as I wanted to represent people like me who feel embarrassed to even try speak it.

“I hope you join me by using phrases as Gaeilge that we already know and use them daily then gradually learn more little by little.

“I think together we can find a bit of confidence and a lot of pride. This is OUR teanga, our tongue, our language. Let’s use it. Anois!”

The message got plenty of likes and retweets including an unexpected one from the former Countdown star Vorderman.

She replied: “Yee, please, teach me some please x”

The surprise response could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as May continued by saying: “Absolutely!!! If you teach me some Welsh!”

The conversation carried on with Vorderman joking: “Sure will but I’m still a beginner….mind you I can order wine and sing a song or two…”

“Perfect” replied Imelda May.

The story didn’t end there either, as another Twitter user suggested the pair could front a television documentary comparing the history and culture of Ireland and Wales (where Vorderman grew up).

The maths queen is certainly on board, and replied: “What a fine idea….can Imelda and I do some of the female bits? Love that thought”

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, watch this space.

Take a look at Imelda May’s initial post on Twitter below.