Car advert starring Irish granny takes us on an emotional drive across America

Irish granny goes on an emotional journey across America in new advert for Volkswagen

The latest advert for car manufacturing giant Volkswagen features an Irish granny and is turning out to be a real tear-jerker.
The advert is for the company’s latest model – the Atlas – and tells the story of an elderly Irish emigrant in the US who is reading a letter from her recently deceased husband.

The lady is played by real life Irish emigrant Marie Gallagher, who is based in Boston.

The 78-year-old actress really pulls on the heartstrings throughout the 90 second ad as she and her character’s grandchildren are moved by the words from her late husband’s letter.
The letter asks his wife and grandkids to fulfil his dying wish.
Gallagher’s character reads from the letter: “My dear family. From the day I arrived I wanted to see this great country. My last wish is for you to do it for me as a family.
“Love Grandpa.”
The advert then follows the family as they travel around the country in a Volkswagen Atlas, fulfilling the grandfather’s wish.
Some of the scenes evoke some of Hollywood’s classic American road trip movies as they drive through the long roads across the country side, forests and snowy mountains.
During their journey they speak about their grandfather and tell each other stores filled with laughter and tears.
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling