Calling all O’Sullivans

Sneem tryie to Beat Guinness World Record on 16th June 2013

Trying for Guinness World Record

By guest blog writer Muireann Quill
The Gathering 2013 is a series of events and festivals to celebrate Irish culture, history and genealogy. It will run all year and the message is simple calling all people of Irish heritage to come back home. Many special events have been organised but the Clan Gathering in Sneem this weekend proves to be quite special.
Way back in 2007 the Gallagher’s held the biggest clan gathering on record with 1488 descending on Donegal to hold the current record. 6 years later another clan, the O’Sullivans are trying to usurp their record by bringing together as many O’Sullivans as possible into the village of Sneem in County Kerry.

Registration takes this this Sunday the 16th of June from 5pm to 7pm with an official count taking place during this time. Everyone must bring their ID to prove their O’Sullivan Heritage, including a passport, driver’s license or birth certificate. The O’Sullivans must remain to be count as registration on its own is not enough for an official record.

Buses have been organised from Cahersiveen to Waterville to bring all the local O”Sullivans from the Iveragh Peninsula to the gathering and this is being led by Dan Tim O’Sullivan. In recent months he has been any O’Sullivans from the UK and US to join the record attempt.

Events have been running all week and there is plenty of entertainment for all such as a special Gaelic Football Match between the O’Sullivans Beara of Cork versus the O’Sullivan Mor of Mid Kerry, also a craft fair, live street entertainment, a rowing display and a family fun day.

Quills Woollen Market in Sneem provided all clothing for the wonderful O’Sullivan children in the photoshoot above.
Our hopes are with the O’Sullivans who could make history this Sunday.