Multi-talented musician could create her own Irish band

Caitríona Lagan multi-talented musician

One talented individual from Derry has joked that she could play all the instruments in her very own Irish band.

Caitríona Lagan can play an impressive five instruments – the banjo, mandolin, fiddle, guitar and mandola.

She is only 15 but has already been crowned All-Ireland champion musician.

BBC news went to visit Caitríona at her home in Castledawson, Co Derry, to learn more about her passion for music.

She said: “I will remember music helping me through lockdown, it gave me something to do and it kept me going.

“I love playing music because it’s very relaxing and it can help you escape.

“I started off with the banjo first, my Dad loved the banjo. I started lessons when I was seven.

“I think it was in my blood because after the very first lesson I was able to play Mary had a Little Lamb, I kind of knew then, ‘I think i’ll be able to do this pretty well’.”

During lockdown Caitríona posted various videos of her playing onto social media and received a positive response.

“I started making those videos at the start of lockdown since I had no-one to play with, so I was thinking I can play a few instruments I can maybe play a tune on the banjo and accompany myself on the guitar or play a couple pf other instruments with it, so its not just me but like multiple versions all playing together.”

Although she has the skills to create an Irish band all on her own, she is looking forward to being able to play alongside other musicians soon.

She said: “I haven’t seen any of my friends who play music in sessions for so long and I can’t wait to see them again, it will be great to play together.

“I love playing Irish traditional music, it helps me escape and I’ll never give it up.”

What a talented musician! Take a look at the BBC interview with Caitríona below.