Mrs Brown shares a cheeky joke with Caitlyn Jenner about Kim’s big arse

Mrs Brown shares a cheeky joke with Caitlyn Jenner about Kim’s big arse

Brendan O’Carroll was pulling no punches with his jokes as superstar guest Caitlyn Jenner made a cameo appearance on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The matriarch of the Kardashian family was a great sport as Mrs Brown got up close and personal during the episode.

Mrs Brown shares a cheeky joke with Caitlyn Jenner about Kim’s big arse

What Caitlyn Jenner was doing sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee in Mrs Brown’s house has yet to be explained, we will have to see how it is written into the episode.

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However, the TV icon was more than happy to share a saucy joke or two with Ireland’s favourite on-screen Mammy.

Mrs Brown opened one conversation by asking: “Tell me about Kim Kardashian and that big arse, what’s his name again, Kanye?”

In case you are not aware, Caitlyn’s stepdaughter Kim Kardashian is famously the proud owner of an ample rear end and is also married to the controversial rapper Kanye West.

So, which was Mrs Brown referring to? Jenner didn’t seem to mind and was happy to laugh off the joke.

The pair also enjoyed a cheeky laugh about Caitlyn’s large family. The reality star has six children and has also acted as stepmother to her husband’s four children.

Mrs Brown dry-humped the kitchen table and commented how difficult it is to have so many kids before saying: “Thank God you got rid of it.”

To which Jenner quickly replied: “I didn’t actually get rid of it, I just retired it.”

The cameo appearance from Jenner is sure to add some anticipation amongst fans of the show for the upcoming series.

Jenner is global icon and a big-name star to visit Mrs Brown’s home. The pair parted on great terms and shared a dance as the episode ended.

The new series will begin on March 21st on the BBC. Here is a YouTube video of some of the best bits from Mrs Brown’s Boys so far.

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