Budget Irish war film catches Hollywood giant’s eye

Two film-makers in Ireland have overcome the odds to produce a movie about the plight of two sisters during the Irish War of Independence.

The film has received glowing reviews by critics and is attracting the interest of Hollywood giants Disney and Sony with a view for a release in America.

Budget Irish war film catches Hollywood giant's eye

A Nightingale Falling is based on the novel of the same name by Co Clare author PJ Curtis. It has now been adapted for the big screen by Mixed Bag Media production company.

It tells the story of two sisters who save the life of an injured Black and Tan soldier during the War of Independence. Driven by their natural instinct to help their fellow man, they take the soldier in and nurse him back to health.

However, they are then left living in fear as the British forces search for their missing soldier. The Irish Republican Army are also a threat, as the sworn enemies of the Black and Tans.

One of the sisters becomes romantically involved with the soldier to complicate matters further.

A Nightingale Falling

Co-producer Martina McGlynn said: “They’re already living in fear of the Black and Tans and because of their rescue mission they fear the IRA. They’re compromised now, no matter what they do. He ends up staying in the house longer than he should have and a love story develops.”

The successful completion of the film is an incredible achievement by McGlynn and her co-producer Garret Daly, given that they were working on a shoestring budget, and had only three weeks to shoot it.

They paid tribute to the local communities of Daingean and Tullamore in Co Offaly, where the film was shot. The costume designer, composer and carpenter all worked for free, as did 40 students from a film class ran by the duo. Several local residents also volunteered to appear as extras and assist with the moving of equipment.

The crew were kindly given unlimited access to a village shop and a large Georgian house by local families, both of which became key sets for the film.

McGlynn revealed: “We really had a passion for the project so we ploughed ahead, raised a small sum — enough to set the wheels in motion — and started production in July 2013. Some people contributed props, and people on the local Community Employment Scheme helped with set-building and moving equipment.”

A Nightingale Falling is set to be released on September 12th in Ireland, and is expected to be cleared for international release in the spring of 2015.

Watch the trailer for A Nightingale Falling below.